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City Farming Ltd is a locally owned Company pursuing the importation, manufacture and distribution of nutritional products to the agriculture sector in Kenya and neighbouring countries.


At City Farming Ltd, we share in the global responsibility of protecting and preserving our environment today and for future generations. Our products provide agricultural producers the opportunity to implement sustainable farming practices and promote environmental stewardship.

We manufacture plant nutrition products and fertilizers, with the highest quality and effectiveness.We have innovative products that allow optimizing quality and yield in crops. The products cover the necessities of the crop and its environment, providing an optimal state that prevents the development of diseases and supports the farmers to choose a more sustainable farming methodology.

We regard ourselves as being a partner of our farmers. Reliability and respect in mutual dealings are among the most important bases for building up long-term loyalty and this applies both to the loyalty of our farmers and to our partners loyalty to our company. We promote a wealth of ideas and entrepreneurial thinking, which we share with our farmers.



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