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Amino Acid Series


1.    Citihapy Plain – 25% Amino acids
2.    Citihapy Fe – 25% Amino acids+5%Fe
3.    Citihapy Ca – 25% Amino acids+6%Ca

Mode of Action:
Plants synthesize their proteins from amino acids which are formed by complex biochemical processes using basic elements, such as: nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. These processes consume energy from biological and biochemical resources.

CITIHAPY provides the plants with the amino acids and peptides they need, thus enabling the plants to save energy, resulting in improved vigour and yield.

Mechanisms of Action / Features:
i)    Quick absorption through the roots in case of soil application and rapid, systemic trans-laminar penetration into the aerial parts of the plants when applied as foliar spray.
ii)    Easy and fast metabolism with the subsequent formation of biologically beneficial substances:e.g. chlorophyll, growth regulators, etc.
iii)    Nutritional and reconstitution functions by the formation of proteins and carbohydrates.
iv) adverse conditions
The three products share same application rates,therefore we should have only one shared link for all of them with the Application information included as one actually as the Citihapy Ca link just add the brief info on each ie product name and composition followed by the shared application  rates.
v)    Better transport and use of micro-nutrient elements.
vi)    Regulates water balance.

a)    Yield increases.
b)    Earliness, homogenous ripening, more flavoured and higher quality produce.
c)    Higher sugar content.
d)    Enhanced fruit setting and reduction of fruit drop.
e)    Possible treatment and prevention of chlorosis of any kind.
f)    Plants treated with CITIHAPY, better resist virus, bacterial and/or fungus diseases.
g)    Reduction of the negative effects caused by drought, excess water and salinity.

CITIHAPY is practically indispensable when plants are stressed by external (e.g. environmental) andinternal (e.g. vegetative growth) factors, such as:
i)    Nutritional deficiencies
ii)    Water stress
iii)    Drought
iv)    Low temperatures
v)    Post emergence herbicide applications
vi)    Transplanting or grafting disorders
vii)    Phytotoxicity caused by erroneous use of pesticides
viii)    Attach of virus, bacterial and/or fungus disease
It is very important to use the right dosage rates at the right timings.

CITIHAPY is used at the correct physiological stage of the plant:
a)    At resumption of vegetative growth.
b)    At flower formation and bud differentiation.
c)    At fruit setting.
d)    At fruit, tuber, bulb or ear swelling.
e)    At colour change.

CITIHAPY can be applied to plants by means of foliar treatments as well as by soil applications. It can also be applied in mixtures with post-emergence herbicides or with insecticides, fungicides, and other plant protection products or foliar fertilizers and nutrients. However, absolutely avoid mixtures with copper containing fungicides, copper containing liquid fertilizers and do not mix with any kind of oil. Perform small tests with all mixtures containing pesticides before applying to the crop.
It is possible to treat during the whole growing period, applying the same dosages, every 20-25 days, in case of particularly stressed plants due to adverse weather conditions or diseases and/or physiological troubles.