SOIL WATER MANAGEMENT SOIL WETTER Polymer,water retainer Soil Wetter is a water retainer that, when incorporated into a soil or a substrate, absorbs and retains large quantities of water and nutrients.Unlike most products that become hydrated, Soil Wetter has the property of easily releasing the absorbed water and nutrients, thereby allowing the plant to have


ROOTING HORMONE SERIES – Propagation ROOTHOM S is designated for rooting of softwood cuttings. ROOTHOM H is designated for rooting of hard and semi hard wood cuttings. Vegetative propagation through the use of rooting hormones is widely used.Our rooting hormones contain Indole Butyric Acid IBA which has proved to be very effective in root initiation


CITICALMAG Ideal for Fertigation and Foliar Spray COMPOSITION: NPK 12: 8: 0: 0 +12.8 CaO + 2.6MgO + Microelement 12.8% Nitrogen, 12.8% Calcium( CaO), 2.6% Magnesium (MgO), 750 ppm Copper, 1500ppm Iron, 750ppm Zinc, 750ppm Manganese, 105ppm Molybdenum, 1500ppm Boron. All Micro elements are EDTA chelated Description: Liquid foliar feed for the correction of Calcium


LIQUID SUSPENSION CONCENTRATES MASTERGRO NPK 24:24:18+TE +Hormones+Amino acids Liquid suspension concentrate fertilisers are highly specialised fertilisers with very high efficacy. Mastergro is suitable for both foliar and fertigation application on most crops. It is recommended during high phosphorus demand such as seedlings and transplants,early growth.It is completely water soluble and chlorine free.


HUMIC ACID SERIES Benefits Of Humic Acid Biological Benefits Stimulate plant enzymes, soil micro organism activity and promote seed germination. Acts as an organic catalyst Encourages soil micro-organisms Increases root respiration and formation Increases plant membrane permeability Increases nutrient translocation Soil Benefits i) Increases soil cation exchange capacity ii) Improves soil pH buffering capacity iii)


SEAWEED SERIES General Information: Super combination of three species of wild seaweed.Sorgassum rich in alginic acid and cytokinin, Laminaria abundant in Laminaria  polysaccharide, Ascophyllum Nodosum is traditional raw material. High content of natural PGR up to 600 ppm, contributing to bidirectional regulation, the main sign of Citishooter complex nutrient system. Cellular bursting mechanically, low temperature

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