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CITISHOOTER GRANULES is a novel product in the agriculture sector with significant benefits in crop nutrition management.It is formulated to deliver essential Micro elements to the soil during planting and also can be applied during other stages of growth.Though required in small quantities Microelements are a major limiting factor in achieving optimal yields moreso in rainfed agriculture where most conventional planting and top dressing fertilizers do not contain these essential elements.CITISHOOTER GRANULES also contains important growth boosters to give germination and initial growth a major kick start.  

DESCRIPTION:The question of adoption of hybrid seed varieties and accrued seed potential being achieved in the yields,whereas many farmers realising only a fraction of the potential production from these seeds is an unfortunate agronomic challenge that is not well addressed.Despite rainfed agriculture having numerous challenges such as rainfall amount,distribution etc Microelements are deficient in soils and crops are mainly fertilized through foliar application which is a seasonal practice.Soil amendment is a key intervention in achieving long term and sustainable crop nutrition solution and high yields.CITISHOOTER GRANULES addresses this challenge through microelement soil amendment.