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Citishooter N

i) Citishooter N: NPK 10:4:6+ TE + 4%Seaweed
Citishooter N: 10:4:6+TE+Seaweed applications stimulate and promote plant growth when applied
during active growth phases as well as facilitating plant recovery when applied after stress

Directions for use:
Citishooter range of foliar feeds should be applied as full cover sprays every 2-3 weeks. It is advised that sprays be applied
in the early morning or late afternoon. Dilute at a rate of 1 L of Citishooter foliars per 250 L water and apply at a rate of 2 L
Citishooter foliars per hectare.

Compatibility of the product has not yet been evaluated and it is advised that an observation test be done by first mixing
a small amount of the spray solution.

Packing: 1lt, 5lt, 10lt, 20lts