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Fresh seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum,Sorgassum and Laminaria. Contains alginic acid, Auxins,  Cytokinins, Mannitol, Betaines, Gibberellins.

Specific Gravity: 1.03
PH: 4.6
Appearance: Green aqueous liquid
with faint sea weed smell

CITISHOOTER is a auxin dominated extract that stimulates prolific adventious root formation when applied to almost any plant. The increased root volume increases moisture and nutrient uptake, improves resistance to water stress, water logging, soil borne diseases, nematodes and salinity.

i)    To enhance rooting of cuttings
ii)    To shorten the nursery period
iii)    To enhance transplant shock resistance and increased growth rate

Application timing:
– First application as a drench on the same day of seeding
– Second application 14 days later as a foliar spray to run off after the last misting of the day.

– Subsequent applications after 14 days. 

Application rate:

1:100 dilution for drenching and 1:200 dilution for foliar spray.

Stimulates and enhances growth

Application methods:
– Foliar Spray
– Drip System

Application rates:
Foliar: 0.3-0.5% or 3-5ml per 1lt water to run off
Drip: 6-10lt per Hac or 1:100 dilution through drip applied during the last 10 minutes of irrigation.

Application interval:
2 weeks interval after each flush

Use instruction:
– Avoid spray solution with PH above 7
– Avoid dilution more than 1:500

Compatible with most agricultural pesticides and fertilisers. However a compatibility test is

Packing: 20ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1Lt, 5Lt,10Lt, 20Lt.