CITY FARMING LTD offers sustainable solutions in agriculture to climate change

Climate change is a REALITY. High temperatures, drought, little moisture in the soil,minimal rainfall. All these factors significantly reduce crop productivity. Climate resilient or SMART FARMING demands use of different techniques to counter these challenges.

We feed our crops with fertilizers nourishing them with a balanced diet of macro and micro elements with expectation of bumper harvest. Even when other factors such as sufficient rain, good weed, pest and disease control we still get 50% or less of the optimal seed yield potential. So what other factors do we not consider. When growing especially now with climate change, very harsh weather the crops need HIGH STRESS TOLERANCE and HIGH PLANT EFFICIENCY to ensure optimal growth that WILL INCREASE YIELDS. If you grow a Maize variety with yield potential of 40 bags per acre and you over the years harvest 10,20 or 25 bags per acre even in good rainfall seasons, what can be reasons for this? The weather is harsh so crops are prone to have temperature and moisture stress. Therefore they will grow but NOT EFFICIENT in their metabolic processes even with a balanced fertilization. Imagine a 6 month maize crop growing INEFFICIENTLY for 3 or more months within the 6 month growing period.

You cannot achieve maximum yields. The most important achievement for any farmer is to know how to INCREASE PRODUCTION/YIELDS every consiqent season. From 20 bags to 25 bags to 30 bags, this makes Farming more profitable. Remember the greatest profit in farming is NOT WHAT YOU HARVESTED, BUT IT IS WHAT YOU DID NOT HARVEST. You harvest 25 bags maize yet the variety yields 40bags per acre. You lost 15bags per acre, that’s the REAL PROFIT LOST every season. HIGH STRESS TOLERANCE and HIGH PLANT EFFICIENCY are extremely important INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY. Our company CITY FARMING LTD has two proven products used by farmers for over 25 years stimulate HIGH STRESS TOLERANCE AND HIGH PLANT EFFICIENCY in crops. These two products are our Organic Hormone CITISHOOTER liquid and soil applied CITISHOOTER GRANULES used by mixing with Top dressing fertilizer. These are two important products in your fertilizer program for all crops. CITISHOOTER liquid and CITISHOOTER GRANULES. Let’s take care of our crops, let them grow stress free and more efficiently, we will achieve higher yields.

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