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Fluvic Acid Series


1.    Fluvic acid-70% Fluvic powder
2.    Fluvisol- 12% liquid
3.    Flumino- 6%Fluvic acid + 6%Amino acid
4.    Flusea- 6%Fluvic acid + 6%Seaweed
5.    Flutrace- 6%Fluvic acid + 1.9g\lt Sulphur, 0.02%B,  0.06%Fe, 0.02% Mn, 0.002%Mo, 0.01%Zn, 0.002% Cu, EDTA

Fluvic Acid Features :

i)    Increase utilisation efficiency of mineral fertilisers.
ii)    Promote good soil structure formation
iii)    Increase water holding capacity, CEC and aeration condition.
iv)    Stimulate seed germination and viability, root respiration, formation, growth and penetration.
v)    Anti drought, help plants to endure environmental stress.
vi)    Stimulates microscopic biological activity
vii)    Contains anti-toxins to fend off bacteria and viruses, and repel insects.
viii)    Promotes residue decomposition.
ix)    Flushing out fertiliser in driplines.
x)    Improve efficacy when mixed with some pesticides.