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COMPOSITION: 80%Humic Acid Soluble Powder
Soluble Potassium Humate is the potassium salt of humic acid made from high grade Leonardite, which is not only a more readily available potassium fertilizer but also has all benefits from humic acid both to soil and to plant, such as soil conditioning, nutrients uptake improving etc. In addition, it has wider applications from soil application, seed soaking, root soaking to fertigation due to highly water soluble.

PRODUCT Humifarm 80
Appearance Black Powder
Oduor Characteristic
Water Solubility >98% soluble
PH 8-9
Bulk Density 83g/100ml
Humic Acid 80%
Potassium (K2O) 10-15%
CEC 400-600 meq/100g

Application: Greenhouses (Vegetables, Flowers, etc…): Starting with first irrigation after planting, apply every two weeks 1 – 2kgs powder per hectare.

Transplanting: Dipping roots of transplants in diluted HUMIFARM 30grams powder per 20 liters of  water at transplanting will stimulate better root growth and reduce transplant shock.
Soil application: As ground fertilizer, it’s the major application of this product which can be applied alone or combined with Nitrogen and Phosphorous before seeding or planting. It’s particularly suitable for the following types of soils:
1)  Alkaline soil with low iron content
2)  Sandy soils with low organic (humus) content
3)  Acid podsol soils with low humus content, simultaneously liming to soil
4)  Saline soils
5) Lime soils.
Fertigation: Add to irrigation water with the ratio of 1-2kg/ha.
Foliar Spray: Dilute 100g to 100 litres water. Apply 3-4 times, at intervals of 20 days during the growing season.
Seeds soaking: 2 Kg for 1 ton seeds or dilute to 0.01-0.03% and adjust pH to 7.2 – 7.5. The soaking time varies from 12 hours to 24 hours with the thickness of seeds skin, hygroscopic capacity of seeds and the surrounding temperature.
The suitable temperature for seeds soaking is about 200C.
Packing: 1kg, 5kg