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COMPOSITION: 12% Humic Acid+6% Fluvic Acid


i)    Sharply increase the utilization efficiency of mineral fertilizers in soil, preventing NPK from leaching or lock up, promote good soil structure formation, increase the capacities of water holding and cation exchange.
ii)    Stimulate activities of soil microorganism, improve aeration condition: Detoxify pollutants in the soil.
iii)   Stimulate seed germination, and promote root growth vigor.
iv)    With the best compatibility, be compatible with most of other fertilizers and pesticides, lower labor cost.

Recommended Application:

Foliar Spray: Dilute 200-300ml to 100 litres water. Apply 3-4 times, at intervals of 20 days during the growing season.
Seeds Treatment: 5-7 litres for 1 ton seeds.
Fertigation: Mix with irrigation water at 2-3 litres/ha.
Packing: 1lt, 5lt, 10lt, 20lt