MASTERGRO HIGH K is a highly concentrated liquid suspension concentrate


MASTERGRO HIGH K provides crops at the flower and fruit stages with Potassium highly required to limit flower abortion, better fruit quality, taste, colour, texture, weight and prolonged shelf life. 

MASTERGRO HIGH K also contains other important elements at optimal concentration including essential Trace elements.

For optimum results MASTERGRO HIGH K should be used in an alternating program with CITICALMAG especially in Tomatoes, Melons, Capsicums, Strawberries, Flowers and Fruits. This alternating application of MASTERGRO HIGH K providing: npK+Te followed with next application of CITICALMAG providing Ca, Mg+Te is very important in maximizing fruit quality.


  • High nutritional value 70% (10+20+40)
  • Prevent flower abortion
  • Promote initiation of many flowers
  • Improve taste and juice content of fruits
  • Enhance colour of produce
  • Enhance the maturity process of produce

Packing: 100ml, 500ml, 1lt, 5lt, 10lt, 20lt

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