General Information:

  1. Super combination of three species of wild seaweed.Sorgassum rich in alginic acid and cytokinin, Laminaria abundant in Laminaria  polysaccharide, Ascophyllum Nodosum is traditional raw material.
  2. High content of natural PGR up to 600 ppm, contributing to bidirectional regulation, the main sign of Citishooter complex nutrient system.
  3. Cellular bursting mechanically, low temperature concentration and fast drying make alginic acid and polysaccharide in the form of oligomer, doubling absorptivity for plants.
  4. Unique lamellar crystal from the fittest proportion ratio of mannuronic acid to guluronic acid, help being quickly dissolved and prevent from hygroscopic and agglomeration.

Benefits Of Sea Weed Extracts

  1. Four naturally occuring plant growth regulators, auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins and betaines found in Sea weed, play very important roles in cell division and the synthesis of protein, carbohydrate and chlorophyll. In addition, these plant growth regulators have a huge positive impact on resistance to stress, pest and disease through activating immune system.
  2. Alginic acid, the major content of Seaweed, stimulates activities of soil micro organisms, improves the water-holding capability of soil, protects chemical fertilizers from leaching or locking up and helps the formation of crumb structure.
  3. Mannitol existing in Seaweed is a powerful chelating agent which helps cations entry into plants and be absorbed by plants more easily. It is beneficial for plants to utilize chemical fertilizers more efficiently.
  4. Seaweed contains some critical trace elements with high concentrate, which can be readily available to plants because of their natural balanced and chelated form.
  5. Seaweed is both nontoxic and environmental friendly which will increase marketable value for agricultural and horticultural products.
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