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COMPOSITION: NPK 12:52:6+ 0.1% Fe,0.07% Cu,0.07% Zn,0.05% B,0.0007% Mo,0.05% Mn + Growth boosters
This formulation is most suitable for Maize and Wheat based on their nutritional demand at the early stage of growth.This product is an innovative intervention for enhancing rapid growth at the early stages which results in heavy foliage and root growth which will sustain the crop to maturity and resultant good yields.Microelement composition is adequately incorporated to meet the crop requirement especially Copper and Zinc.
STIMGRO MAIZE AND WHEAT Starter formulation  is a fully water soluble fertilizer ideal for foliar feeding and fertigation.Rainfed agriculture has become a major challenge since rains decline sooner before the crop reaches maturity.Generally specking though not in all situations rains are heavier at the early stages of growth or at onset of rains.It is therefore very important to take advantage of this and boost growth.STIMGRO MAIZE AND WHEAT Starter is formulated to enhance this rapid and robust growth to enable you achieve the ultimate goal,harvest of produce from your crop.Take advantage and boost your crop when soil moisture is adequate to enable the crop reach maturity and produce yields with unpredictable soil moisture during the growth cycle.
APPLICATION:MAIZE AND WHEAT:Apply 40g in 15t knapsack or 270g in 100lt water or 1-2kg\Ha.THREE applications are recommended,first application 7 days after germination,Second application after 14 days and Third application after 7 days.Mix with CITISHOOTER for better results.