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COMPOSITION: NPK 20:20:20 + 0.1% Fe,0.07% Cu,0.07% Zn,0.05% B,0.0007% Mo,0.05% Mn + Growth boosters
STIMGRO MAIZE AND WHEAT Vegetative formulation is carefully formulated to provided a balanced and adequate nutrition requirement for the crop at its greatest stage of physical growth and nutrient demand.
Microelement composition is adequately incorporated to meet the crop requirement especially Copper and Zinc.


STIMGRO MAIZE AND WHEAT VEGETATIVE is a fully water soluble fertiliser that provides the crop with nutrients most desirable for optimum robust growth at this stage.This is the second very important phase of plant growth where heavy canopy growth sometimes dissuades the farmer,and many times ignores nutrition application with the belief that the physical growth will adequately push the crop to maturity.Nutrition application at this stage should not be over emphasized as this is the period before the most important stage,the flowering and fruit formation stage that results in the harvest or yield.Therefore nutrition application is extremely important.This product is formulated to give the crop a major nutritional boost to prepare it develop many quality flowers and consequently sustain a heavy yield,without tiring the plant.

APPLICATION:MAIZE AND WHEAT:Apply 40g in 15t knapsack or 270g in 100lt water or 1-2kg\Ha.THREE applications are recommended,first application 5 weeks after germination,Second application after 14 days and Third application after 7 days.Mix with CITISHOOTER for better results.